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How does a claimant amend or change the form?

Claimants can make changes and additions to the Basis of Claim after it is submitted. This must be done no later than 10 days before their refugee protection hearing date.

A claimant should make the changes and additions on their copy of the Basis of Claim Form that they submitted. They should cross out the things they want to change, and underline the additions. If the additions are lengthy, they should provide them on a separate page and underline them. They must sign and date each page of the Basis of Claim Form that contains changes or additions. They must also sign and date a declaration that says that the form, as revised by the changes and additions is true, complete and correct.

Claimants who do not read English must also attach an interpreter‘s declaration each time there are changes and additions. This declaration must be dated and signed by the interpreter. It must state that the changes and additions were interpreted to the claimant before they signed.

The claimant must give the Immigration and Refugee Board an original and a copy of each page that has any changes or additions.

Last updated: Aug 12, 2014


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