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What documents need to be attached to the form?

Claimants must attach two copies of any documents they are including with the Basis of Claim. They should include:

  • their passport and other identity documents
  • medical or hospital reports
  • police reports
  • any newspaper articles or internet documents that refer to important incidents in the claim. If possible, these should be translated and submitted with the documents. If there is not time, the copies should be submitted with a statement that they will be translated as soon as possible.

If claimants do not have these documents, they must get them as quickly as possible. The latest possible date to submit them is 10 days before the hearing. A claim is much more likely to be accepted if there are documents to support it.

That said, a person in Canada waiting for documents to arrive should keep in mind that they cannot wait too long to make a refugee claim, because it could damage their credibility.

The claimant should keep a copy of the Basis of Claim and all documents and translations submitted with it.

Last updated: Mar 5, 2013


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