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Confirm your court date

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<p>You must confirm your court date by <strong>2 p.m.</strong>, at least <strong>3 days</strong> before your scheduled hearing. To confirm a court date, you must fill out and file <a href=" target="_blank">Form 14C: Confirmation</a>. To confirm a conference date, you must fill out and file <a href=" target="_blank">Form 17F: Confirmation of Conference</a>.</p>
<p>These forms tell the court that you'll be at your hearing, what specific issues will be discussed at it, and what documents the judge should read. You can file the form in person at the courthouse or by fax.</p>

<p>You must give your partner a copy of the form <b>before</b> you give it to the court. </p>

<p>If you don't file your confirmation form in time, the hearing may not be held and you will have to get a new date.</p>

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