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Count time

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<p><a href=""target="_blank">Rule 3: Time</a> tells you how to count time or days.</p>

<p>You must follow court rules that say the day by which you have to:
<ul><li>serve your partner, or other people or agencies, with your documents</il>
<li>file your documents with the court</li>
<li>confirm your court dates</li></ul></p>

<p>When you serve your documents, counting starts on the day after the “effective” service day. The effective service day depends on how you served the documents. If you served them:
<ul><li>in person - service is effective the same day</li>
<li>by mail - service is effective 5 days after the documents are mailed</li>
<li>by same day courier - service is effective the day after the courier picks it up</li>
<li>by next day courier - service is effective two days after the courier picks it up</li>
<li>by fax - service is effective the day it's faxed as long as it's faxed before 4 p.m. on a day when the court is open</li>
<li>at your partner’s home with anyone who seems to be an adult and then mailed to that address - service is effective 5 days after the documents are mailed</li></ul></p>

<p>For example, suppose you have 7 days to serve your documents. If you serve them personally on Monday, the first day you count is Tuesday and the 7th day is the following Monday.</p>

<p>If the last day is a holiday, the time period ends on the next day that is not a holiday.</p>

<p>But if you have <strong>less than 7 days</strong> to serve or file your documents or to confirm your court date, then Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when court offices are closed are not counted.</p>

<p>Counting time or days is important because court staff won’t accept your documents if you haven't followed the rules.</p>

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