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Gathering documents

Refugee claimants who are found to be eligible to make a claim are scheduled for a hearing with a member of the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. The Board member will decide whether to accept or refuse the claim.

Claimants should gather any documents that will help prove their case. These might include:

  • identity documents
  • proof of membership in an organization or political party
  • police reports
  • medical reports
  • human rights reports or newspaper accounts that show what is happening in their country.

If the claimant is unable to provide ‘acceptable documents’ that establish their identity and their claim, they must explain at the hearing why they could not do so and what steps they took to try to get them.

All documents should be on standard letter-size paper. The claimant should include a list or index of all the documents, numbered in order.

The University of Ottawa Refugee Assistance Project (UORAP) has a Hearing Preparation Form and Hearing Preparation Kit to help  community workers assisting unrepresented refugee claimants to gather evidence and prepare for their refugee hearing.

Last updated: Apr 24, 2013


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