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How does someone who is already in Canada make a claim?

If someone who is already in Canada wants to make a refugee claim, it is called making an ‘inland claim’. They must complete some forms and bring them to a Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC) office. Not all offices accept refugee claims – the claimant should check first.

The claimant must complete several forms. These include:

These forms are also available in French and the claimant has the right to complete them in English or in French.

When IRCC accepts the forms as complete, they will schedule an eligibility interview for the claimant. Claimants have the right to be interviewed in English or in French.

The need for legal help

The Immigration and Refugee Board could refuse the claim if the information on the forms is incomplete, incorrect, or inconsistent. A claimant should try to get legal help with completing these forms.

Last updated: Mar 1, 2016


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