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Other evidence of an H&C applicant's situation

Here are some examples of other kinds of evidence about an applicant's situation that might help support an H&C application:

  • photographs of the applicant spending time in Canada with family or at work or taking part in community activities
  • prescriptions for medications — for example, if the applicant needs medication that would be unavailable or too expensive in the country of origin
  • job offer if an employer is waiting until the applicant can get a work permit
  • pay stubs and other evidence of income — for example, copies of the T4 form or Notice of Assessment

Reports or expert evidence about hardship in an applicant's country of origin might help support an H&C application. For example, they might show:

  • the effect that the culture or customs could have on an applicant's safety or well-being
  • the discrimination or ill treatment that an applicant would face because of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or for some other reason
  • the lack of adequate medical care for a condition an applicant or their child has been diagnosed with
  • the lack of protection for victims of abuse

Last updated: Apr 13, 2016


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