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The Refugee Claim Process

The Refugee Claim Process

Flow chart showing the key stages of a claim.

Your Refugee Hearing

Your Refugee Hearing

Take an online tour of a refugee hearing room in Toronto and find information to help you prepare for a hearing.

Ready Tour

Ready Tour is a free program that helps you prepare for your refugee hearing or an appeal at the Refugee Appeal Division. Register now.

Refugee protection hearing

What is a refugee protection hearing?

What are the rights of vulnerable people?

What is a 'vulnerable person'?
What are 'procedural accommodations'?
How can front-line workers help vulnerable people?

Who is entitled to a designated representative?

What is the role of a designated representative?
Who can be a designated representative?
How can front-line workers help?

Scheduling the hearing

When does the hearing take place?
Can the hearing date be changed?
What if the claimant's lawyer cannot attend on the hearing date?

What can the claimant do to prepare for a hearing?

Gathering documents
Deadlines for filing documents
Making applications before the hearing date
What if the claimant's documents are not in English or French?
What if the claimant has witnesses who can support the case?

Going to the refugee protection hearing

What documents should the claimant bring to the hearing?
Who will be at the hearing?
What if the claimant does not speak English or French?
Answering questions at the hearing
What happens at the end of the hearing?

What happens when the Immigration and Refugee Board accepts a claim?

Applying for OHIP

Claimant should apply for permanent residence

Listing and including family members in the application
Help to cover the costs of bringing family members to Canada
Proof of identity
Sending in the application and waiting
Making changes after the application is submitted

Losing refugee status

Can a refugee's status be taken away?
What is a cessation order?
What is a vacation order?
What if a refugee has become a Canadian citizen?
Where can someone get help if they are facing an application for cessation or vacation?

What if the Refugee Protection Division refuses a claim or the Minister appeals the decision?

About the appeal process
Who can appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division?
What happens in an appeal and who participates?
The steps in the appeal process when the claimant is appealing
Can a claimant who is appealing submit new evidence?
What happens if a claimant misses a time limit?
What is the process if the Minister is appealing a decision?
What does the Refugee Appeal Division do in deciding an appeal?
Can a claimant or protected person challenge a decision of the Refugee Appeal Division?

Can a claimant or protected person challenge a decision of the Refugee Appeal Division?

Challenging a decision in Federal Court
How does someone apply to the Federal Court for judicial review?
What are the time limits for filing a leave application in the Federal Court?
What if an applicant has missed a time limit?
What is the difference between a judicial review and an appeal?
What happens if an applicant is successful in Federal Court?
Will an applicant be allowed to stay in Canada until the Federal Court decides the case?
What if an applicant is not entitled to an automatic stay of removal?

Last updated: Feb 19, 2015


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