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Reports and records

Here are some examples of the kinds of reports and records that might help support an H&C application:

  • medical reports — for example, reports of any injuries or trauma relating to family violence, diagnosis and treatment plan for any medical condition for which adequate care would not be available in the country of origin, proof of a medical condition such as HIV-positive status that would cause the applicant to suffer discrimination in the country of origin
  • psychological assessments — for example, assessments that show a child's special learning needs or the impact that being forced to leave Canada would have on a child, such as the impact of returning to a country where they suffered trauma
  • hospital records — for example, admissions records for treatment of a medical condition or of injuries related to family violence
  • police incident reports or court records in situations of family violence — for example, reports showing when the police were involved or records from family court or from an abuser's criminal trial
  • reports from schools or training programs — to show the applicant's, or their child's, attendance and progress at school
  • bank records and other evidence of financial assets

Last updated: Apr 13, 2016


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