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The Refugee Claim Process

The Refugee Claim Process

Flow chart showing the key stages of a claim.

Your Refugee Hearing

Your Refugee Hearing

Take an online tour of a refugee hearing room in Toronto and find information to help you prepare for a hearing.

Ready Tour

Ready Tour is a free program that helps you prepare for your refugee hearing or an appeal at the Refugee Appeal Division. Register now.

Website help

The information on this website is intended for front-line workers and advocates working with refugee claimants and others who have questions about their immigration or citizenship status, or who are looking for information on how to apply for refugee status in Canada. This site contains general legal information. It is not intended to be used as legal advice for a specific legal problem.

For help with navigating the Refugee Rights in Ontario website, click on the video below.


You can access the information in two ways:

  • If you have specific questions about the refugee system, you can use the question menu on the lower part of the screen, under the words: ‘I’m looking for information about:’.
  • From the column on the left, click on one of the topics listed. A list of related questions or subtopics will appear to the right. You can continue to click through the relevant questions until you see the information you are searching for.




  • If you are looking for general information on a topic, you can use the menu at the top of the screen. Some of the subtopics are listed on dropdown menus. Click on the topic of your choice to link to all the relevant subtopics or information available on this site.

    All information on this site can be accessed from this feature. In addition to substantive information on the refugee system, this menu also includes information about this website, useful information for you and your clients, and a glossary of frequently used terms.

If you are experiencing difficulty with or have feedback about this website, please contact us.

Last updated: Feb 19, 2015


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