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What is the Basis of Claim Form?

The Basis of Claim Form is a crucial document that a refugee claimant must fill out for the Immigration and Refugee Board. It is used to determine if they have a valid claim. The claimant must complete it carefully and correctly. If information is missing, incorrect, or inconsistent, the Board could refuse the claim. Claimants must tell the truth. At the hearing, the claimant will have to answer questions about what they said on the Basis of Claim Form. A Board member who thinks that the claimant has not told the truth—for example, by inventing harm or threats—will refuse the claim. The information on the form must also be consistent with the claimant’s testimony.

If possible, a claimant should get legal help to complete this form.

The Basis of Claim Form is available in French and English and may be completed in either language. The Basis of Claim Form includes a question asking claimants to choose the language they want the Board to use for their hearing and in communicating with them.

Download the Basis of Claim Form.

Last updated: Apr 7, 2014


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