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What information do the forms ask for?

The Basis of Claim Form asks about a claimant's reasons for making a refugee claim.

The other forms ask questions about the claimant and their family members, whether in Canada or not. Here are some of the questions:

  • What is the claimant’s date of birth, citizenship, and marital status?
  • What are the dates of birth, citizenship, and marital status of the claimant’s family members?
  • What identity documents do they have or can they get?
  • What route did they take to come to Canada?
  • Did anyone help them get here?
  • What travel documents did they use?
  • If they are 28 or older, where have they lived for the last 10 years?
  • If they are younger than 28, where have they lived since their 18th birthday?
  • Are they associated with or have they belonged to any groups or organizations?
  • Do they have criminal charges or convictions in any country?
  • Have they or any family member made a refugee claim before, here or anywhere else?
  • What is the claimant’s history of education and employment?
  • Has the claimant completed military service?
  • Does the claimant have any history of involvement in war crimes, terrorism, or organized crime?
  • Does the claimant have any history of serious disease or mental or physical disorder?

Last updated: Mar 4, 2013


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