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When and how does a claimant file the form?

If the claim is made from inside Canada: The claimant must bring the original and one copy when they go to a Canada Immigration Centre to make their refugee claim.

If a claim was made at a port of entry: The claimant has 15 days to file the completed form. They must give the original and one copy to the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board, along with any other documents they are including. They can deliver it in person or by courier. If there are fewer than 20 pages in total, they can fax it, but they must bring the originals to the hearing.

Extending the deadline: If a claimant cannot meet the deadline, they may be able to apply for an extension, but they should not assume that it will be granted. They must apply in writing to the Refugee Protection Division at least three working days before the Basis of Claim Form is due. They must state clearly why they need more time. If there is a medical reason, they must include a doctor’s certificate. If they can’t get one, they must say what they did to try to get one and include proof of their efforts. The Refugee Protection Division rules give detailed requirements for the medical certificate or other evidence needed.

If a claimant is not able to fully complete the Basis of Claim Form by the deadline, they should file it with an amended claimant’s declaration. If the form is not filed on time, the Refugee Protection Division could decide that the claim has been abandoned. The claimant would not get a refugee protection hearing and could be removed from Canada.

Last updated: Sep 30, 2014


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