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Work permits for refugee claimants

When can a refugee claimant get a work permit?

The forms that refugee claimants complete include Schedule 12: Additional Information – Refugee Claimants Inside Canada. A claimant can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for a work permit by checking a box in the form.

When the claimant is found eligible for a refugee protection hearing, they are given forms and instructions for getting a medical examination. After IRCC gets the results of the medical examination, they can issue a work permit.

A claimant who did not apply on the Schedule 12 can apply for a work permit later. They must show that they cannot support themselves without work. A claimant who has applied for social assistance or is on social assistance should include proof of that with their work permit application.

A refugee claimant does not have to pay a fee for a work permit.


Can claimants who are found ineligible or whose claims are unsuccessful apply for work permits?

If a claimant has been ordered removed, but Canada Border Services Agency cannot enforce the order, the claimant may be able to get a work permit. Sometimes Canada Border Services Agency is not able to remove people because they are not able to get travel documents or because there is no country that will admit them.

Last updated: Jul 9, 2019


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